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Dogs must be up to date with their vaccines. Showing written proof from your veterinarian, or having the vet call us are both acceptable forms of proof; tags on the collar are not acceptable as they do not show the expiration date.  Dogs with open wounds or stitches can not be groomed until they are healed properly - generally this is two weeks after the stiches come out.   This ensures safety for your dog and Happy Hounds.
I welcome senior and special-needs dogs; however, their comfort comes first and foremost in the planning of their styling. I will discuss appropriate style options when I see your dog. If a dog is anxious over the grooming process please be advised I do not groom sedated dogs, nor do I sedate dogs. I am known for my patience, and am willing to work with any dog to make grooming more tolerable, even pleasant. I use several tools to help me achieve a more stress-free environment, but it will take multiple trips and/or longer visits to see progress. But, I retain the right to refuse service to any dog I feel is unable to be groomed safely, for those cases it is best to have the dog groomed at a veterinarian office for their safety.
Owners are responsible for keeping their dog flea & tick free. If you suspect them prior to the appointment I will be glad to advise you on how to alleviate, or reschedule the appointment to be the last of the day, but I will charge $20 extra to bomb the mobile grooming van. If mass fleas or ticks are found during the groom, there is a $75 cleaning fee to de-bug the van before I can go to the next house - this fee is in addition to the groom fee.
Matted Coat / Fuzzy Dog:
There can be many reasons for matts but whatever the reason, they are uncomfortable for your dog and need to be removed. I allot 15 minutes of de-matting time and extra fees will apply to dogs needing de-matting by clipping or brushing, where I am able to do so. All attempts will be made to salvage a matted coat, however I take your dog's health and safety very seriously and will not de-matt badly matted dogs. Generally I will see this when I pickup your dog, and if you are not home I will call you first. But, if they need to be cut down all attempts will be made to keep the coat as long as possible. If you do not want the coat cut down, and you choose to de-matt their coat yourself, Happy Hounds will return at a later date to groom your dog, but you will incur a $30.00 fuel fee to be paid for this initial visit.
When a dog needs a close haircut – groomer’s call it a “Fuzzy Dog” because generally they are fuzzy afterward – you may see these effects:
They may do a lot of scratching/licking as the skin can now breathe and it feels funny to them, or you may see flaking because the skin is already sore and tender underneath and it’s been disturbed.
2. Sometimes having to go so close to the skin may cause clipper burn, even though I do everything to prevent this.
3. They will be prone to sunburn, so precautions need to be taken.
They may develop a hematoma which is like a blood blister on dogs with long ears. These occur because the matts constrict blood flow underneath them and once the matt is removed the blood rushes to the surface, the dog shakes his head to relieve the feeling and makes it worse sometimes causing a rupture. A vet should be called to walk you through treatment.
Happy Hounds may take pictures of your dog, before and after grooming, for my website or advertising.
Grooming when you’re not Home :
After I have groomed your dog a couple times, we can make arrangements to perform grooming appointments while you’re not home, simply by filling out an authorization form giving me permission. In the case where a key is left or given though Happy Hounds will not be held responsible for any damages or theft to your property which may occur after I leave.
Refusing Service:
Happy Hounds has the right to refuse service to a customer's dog at any time for any reason. During a groom, your dog's safety and comfort takes precedence over cosmetic desires, if I determine that it is unsafe for the dog or me to continue I will stop and fees will be adjusted.
Cancellation Notice:
Please give 48 hrs. advance notice in the event of a cancellation, you can leave a message; if less than 24 hrs. notice is given you must speak directly to me to make sure I receive the message. Be advised that should you fail to do so and I travel to your home half the groom fee will be charged which must be paid prior to the next grooming appointment.
Serving: Berlin, Atco, Voorhees, Medford, Mt Laurel, Moorestown, Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, Haddon Heights, Audubon, Barrington, Bellmawr, Laurel Springs, Stratford, Somerdale, Clementon, Gibbsboro, parts of Sicklerville
Discounts / Payments
Discounts (not to be combined):  A discount will be given for:  recent rescues/adoptions (with proof), and Bernese Mountain dogs;  and multiple dog households receive a staggered discount – please ask me about it.
For the first three grooms, all fees must be paid in CASH at the time services are rendered. After that period, checks will be accepted, but if a check is returned due to insufficient funds it will be subject to a $30.00 return check fee, at which time I will go back to a cash only basis.